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Nekst Faz Entertainment is a company started by myself and my Partner Mr. C aka Steve Credle. The company was founded in 2013. Our mission was to start a company for young talented artist.

UMJOA Entertainment was one company that we work for out of Birmingham Alabama and a major company out of LA, California. We as companies A&R we know how expensive it is to get into this line of work, paying for studio time, getting the right producers, getting your tracks done, and getting it into the right people hands.  After hearing some of the stories of some of the artist we felt we wanted to do something to help with their careers. I being a professional in the entertainment industry myself know what it takes and that is hard work and being consistent. These young talented artist who consist of Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Poetry and heavy metal.

Opening Nekst Faz Entertainment which means,’ Stage In Process Of Change would help and teach the artist the industry and keep them on a positive path. To show young people and others that there are people who care about their lives and their careers and be able to pursue their artistry careers in the entertainment industry.

We see our company being a household name, a company that people can trust and believe in. Our goal is to continue to helping young talented artist, and to continue to teach them about the industry.  We may not be able to help all but will continue to do my best to reach the ones who want it.

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